There is a special bond between parents and their kids, especially mothers and daughters.

Sometimes we laugh so hard we pee our pants, but other times it's the most ferocious of fights. I was craving a community of supportive women where can talk about all the ups and downs and help each other out. There was nothing.

That's when I knew I had a responsibility to create an environment where we, as women, can come together and love hard, fall hard and support the heck out of one another because our time is now.

This isn't a feminist act.

Girls need both strong and stable women and men in their lives, but also a safe space to discuss periods, boys, social media, school, stress, confidence and whatever other challenges come up. A place to not feel alone. There's no blame or shame, only laughter, love, and support.

My daughter Gianna and I will be the starting voice, but for parents and their kids, it's a place to be educated and empower each other.

I have learned that confidence doesn't come from a wearing t-shirt or in a quote. Confidence comes from education, exposure, open dialogue between us, the girls and experts. Enter The Girl Link!

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